Different Pet Services You Should Know About as a New Dog Owner

17 October 2017
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If you have recently brought home a dog then you want to make sure you are prepared to care for them in every way possible. There are many pet services available to dog owners that you want to familiarize yourself with. Knowing about these services can help you to better care for your dog in specific areas. Here are a few of the ones you should know about: Dog Grooming—Certain dogs can be harder to groom than others due to their fur and what it takes to keep that fur in good condition. Read More 

3 Preventative Health Measures To Keep Your New Puppy Healthy And Happy

4 October 2017
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Welcoming a new puppy into your family is a wonderful and exciting time. Puppies, and the adult dogs that they grow into, bring happiness, companionship, and loyalty that is beneficial to all members of your household. Puppies also require special care to keep them safe and healthy, particularly while they are still very small and vulnerable. Preventing disease, sickness, and infestation from harmful parasites is a major part of keeping puppies healthy and ensuring they have a long and happy life. Read More 

Five Specific Reasons You Want Your Dog To Be Professionally Groomed

18 August 2017
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Sure, you can buy dog shampoo and bathe your dog in your own bath, but the only real benefit to this is having a dog that smells good for a few days. Having your dog professionally groomed provides many more health benefits for your dog, on top of saving yourself some time and the physical effort that it takes to wash your dog. Here are five specific reasons to take your dog to the professionals rather than do it yourself: Read More 

Unwanted Behaviors That Spaying Your Rabbit Should Address

7 August 2017
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A young rabbit can be a perfect pet for a family. Soft and cuddly, as well as smart enough to be trained to use a litter box, a rabbit can be a pet that your entire family will enjoy. If you've bought a young female rabbit that hasn't been spayed, you'll definitely want to have this procedure done. While you might not be concerned about the rabbit mating and having babies if you keep it in the house and don't have a male rabbit anywhere, what you might not know is that your furry friend may soon begin to exhibit some bothersome behaviors. Read More 

Tips For Encouraging A Healthy And Shiny German Shepherd Coat

18 July 2017
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If you have invested in a show bred German shepherd puppy, then you may want to show your dog as he ages. If this is something you are interested in and you are an amateur, then you should understand that you need to pay close attention to your dog's coat through special grooming practices. Keep reading to learn about some tips to help you attend to the coat properly. Attend To The Undercoat Read More