Five Specific Reasons You Want Your Dog To Be Professionally Groomed

18 August 2017
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog

Sure, you can buy dog shampoo and bathe your dog in your own bath, but the only real benefit to this is having a dog that smells good for a few days. Having your dog professionally groomed provides many more health benefits for your dog, on top of saving yourself some time and the physical effort that it takes to wash your dog. Here are five specific reasons to take your dog to the professionals rather than do it yourself:

Healthy Skin

Your dog is not only going to have a clean coat after being washed, but also healthier skin. This is important for preventing things, such as knots in the fur that can easily be ripped out and cause damage to the skin. It's also going to ensure that your dog is going to have little pests removed from their skin, if there are any, such as fleas and ticks. 

No Mess

When you wash your dog yourself, you are going to be left with a huge mess and you are probably going to have to shower yourself afterwards. Washing your dog in your own home can become quite unsanitary, as well unless you do a complete deep cleaning of your shower and bathroom floors afterwards. 

Catch Problems

Professional dog groomers are equipped at knowing when there might be underlying problems with your dog. This includes rashes and lesions that need to get checked by a vet. At this point, it's helpful to go to a dog groomer that works in your vet's office or right next door so you can schedule an appointment right away. 

Hair Cuts

Chances are, cutting your dog's fur yourself is not something you are confident in doing if you do not have experience. Dog groomers can do this for you, which is helpful for maintaining a healthy coat and to also ensure that during the warmer months of the year, your dog can be more comfortable. 


After washing your dog and cleaning your bathroom, you aren't going to want to then clip your dog's nails. Luckily, the groomers can also do this for you. This is important because overgrown nails can be quite uncomfortable and even painful for dogs. However, getting them trimmed too short can also be painful, which is a common problem that happens when pet owners do it themselves. 

When you know these five specific reasons for a professional groom, you can see why it's beneficial for both you and your pet not just for cleanliness, but also health. For more information about pet health, contact a clinic such as Cats Only Veterinary Hospital.