Treatment Solutions For A Cat's Pneumonia

21 July 2023
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog

If you've seen some changes in your cat's behavior that make you think the pet could have pneumonia, including breathing issues and general lethargy, it's good to make an animal care clinic appointment as quickly as possible. Vets have all sorts of methods of treating a cat's pneumonia, so the prognosis of your pet making a full recovery from this illness may be very good. The treatment approach will vary based on the type of pneumonia your cat has and the severity of the condition. Here are some treatment solutions that your veterinarian may use to help your pet.

Oxygen Therapy

Pneumonia causes complications with your cat's ability to breathe, so there's a good chance that the animal will be experiencing shortness of breath. Depending on the severity of this symptom, the veterinarian may provide oxygen therapy for the animal. There are different ways of administering oxygen to a cat that has pneumonia. Some vets use a small mask that goes over the cat's nose and mouth, somewhat similar to a mask that humans can use when they need oxygen. If this is a challenge with your cat, the vet may place the cat in a small, contained space that has a steady flow of fresh oxygen.


There's a good chance that your cat could be dehydrated as a result of its battle with pneumonia. This respiratory condition can cause dehydration for a number of reasons. A cat that has pneumonia may lose its appetite, which also means that it won't drink enough water. It doesn't take very long for a small cat to be seriously dehydrated, so you can expect that your veterinarian will treat this condition with IV fluids. This form of care will replenish your cat's fluids to improve its energy and its overall health. Your vet will also encourage you to ensure that your cat has a constant supply of fresh water once you return home.


Antibiotics are an effective form of treatment for many feline health issues, including pneumonia. This type of medication will eliminate the bacteria that is causing your cat's pneumonia, which will help it to feel better in a relatively short amount of time. While the antibiotic medication will likely last for several days, it's common to see an improvement in the cat's symptoms well before you finish giving the last dose of antibiotics. Visit an animal care hospital if you suspect that your cat has pneumonia.