Pup's Vacation: How You Can Make Doggie Daycare Feel More Like Home

28 April 2022
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog

With that upcoming work trip or family vacation booked, you'll need to find a solution for where your pup can stay. Doggie daycare facilities offer secure boarding options for your pup and can offer your pup their own resort experience! Leaving your dog under someone else's care might be a little scary at first, and you might be wondering how your pup will remain comfortable for the entirety of their stay. Read on for three ways you can help make your pup's stay at doggie daycare more comfortable!

Keep Things Familiar

While your pup will undoubtedly have a good time at doggie daycare, there will be times when they may experience homesickness. Just like people, they will also miss their typical surroundings and might feel overwhelmed by their new environment. Help bring comfort to your pup by including a favorite blanket, a stuffed toy for snuggling, and a chew toy for decompression during their stay. Likewise, keep their food options familiar. Using the food they typically consume, portion out the number of meals they will need depending on how long their stay is and indicate to staff any dietary needs and restrictions. These familiar bits of everyday life will help your pup feel more at home while enjoying their own mini-vacation!

Sign Them up for Outdoor Play

Many doggie daycare facilities will provide you with a variety of options for their stay. While short periods of time are fine when it comes to being in a kennel, you'll want your pup to experience some outdoor play if you plan on keeping them there longer than a day. For dogs who will be boarded for days at a time or longer, time outdoors will be essential for their well-being. For outdoor activities, your dog will be led to a secured area that is constantly supervised by staff. Many facilities will also separate small dogs from larger dogs to ensure their safety. Jumping in wading pools, playing fetch, and running alongside their friends, your pup will be over the moon to have some time outside!

Ask for a Bath

The time has finally come for your pup's doggie daycare stay to end, but there's one more bit of comfort you can provide. If your doggie daycare facility offers grooming services, go ahead and book a bath for your pup on their last day. After all, you'd be surprised at how much dirt your dog can accumulate playing with other dogs for days at a time! A warm bath will help wash away any dirt and grime from their stay, leaving them feeling refreshed and ready to greet you. Rest assured that you'll also be thankful for the clean-smelling pup as you both head home. 

If you need someone to take care of your dog, talk to a doggie daycare facility in your area.