Thinking About Adding A Pomeranian To Your Home? Here's Why It's Best To Raise One As A Puppy

18 February 2021
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A Pomeranian is a great choice for someone who is looking for an extremely affectionate dog that doesn't require a massive amount of exercise. Due to their tiny size, they're well suited for people who live in apartments or small houses.

Unfortunately, Pomeranians can sometimes be temperamental — they're prone to being overprotective of their owners. One way that you can help curb this behavior is to raise a Pomeranian puppy and train them well while they're still young. This helps to stop them from developing bad habits in adulthood. If you're thinking about adding a Pomeranian to your home, read on to learn about why it's often better to raise one as a puppy.

You Can Train Them to Not Bark at Every Sound

As a breed, Pomeranians are very protective and always remain vigilant of their surroundings. While this makes them excellent watch dogs, it can lead to problems with frequent barking. If your Pomeranian hears noises outside your home, they'll very likely start barking continuously in order to alert you. Unfortunately, this can wake you up at night, and it can also be quite annoying for your neighbors.

Raising a Pomeranian puppy allows you to better control this behavior, as puppies learn much more quickly than adult dogs. If you redirect your Pomeranian puppy's attention as soon as they start barking and then reward them for ignoring outside noises, they'll learn to be quiet whenever they hear something unusual. When you purchase a Pomeranian that is already an adult, it's more difficult to get them to stop reacting to strange sounds coming from outside your home.

You Can Acclimate Them to Being Brushed

When you own a Pomeranian, you'll need to brush their fur frequently. Brushing their fur every day is ideal, but you can often skip a day here and there unless they're currently shedding or if they get into mud while they're outside. If you don't brush a Pomeranian's coat regularly, it's likely to become tangled and matted. When this happens, the only option you have is to cut out the matted area, since it's nearly impossible to untangle it by hand.

Unfortunately, Pomeranians are a double-coated breed, so shaving them in order to remove a matted clump of fur can cause issues. When a double-coated breed is shaved down to the undercoat, the fur often doesn't grow back correctly. The double coat helps to keep dogs cool while they're in sunlight, so a coat that grows in poorly can lead to your Pomeranian overheating whenever you take them outside.

Because of this, it's important to acclimate your Pomeranian to being brushed, and the best time to do this is when they're a puppy. It's much easier to brush a dog that's used to the feeling rather than one who fights the brush and tries to escape. Since you'll need to brush your Pomeranian frequently, it will be much easier for you if they're relaxed during the process.

You Can Curb Separation Anxiety

Finally, Pomeranians commonly experience separation anxiety due to the fact that they're very protective of their owners. Separation anxiety can cause them to bark throughout the entire day while you're away at work or in school, which can quickly become extremely annoying for your neighbors.

It can be difficult to reduce a Pomeranian's separation anxiety, but it's easiest to train them out of it while they're still a puppy. When you introduce the puppy to your home, you'll need to give them lots of attention without letting them control your every move. Keep your new puppy on a strict schedule with regimented bathroom times, feeding times, and play times. The goal is to train your new puppy to realize that you'll always be there for them without them needing to try to get your attention.

Overall, raising a Pomeranian puppy allows you to train them out of bad habits that are harder to break during adulthood. If think that a Pomeranian would be a good fit for you, look for reputable breeders in your area who are offering Pomeranian pups for sale. While puppies require ample amounts of attention and care, training a Pomeranian well while they're young can help them avoid carrying bad habits into adulthood.