Why Choose An Australian Shepherd?

20 June 2018
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog

If you are looking for a new dog to bring into your family, then you may be trying to decide what breed would fit into your family and your household the best. There are great things about all different dog breeds, but you need to match the positive aspects of a breed with what works best for your household while making sure any negative aspects aren't going to be more than you want to or can deal with. Many families choose to bring home Australian Shepherds. If you have also been considering this breed, then you should read the information below, which will introduce you to some features and other characteristics of this breed:

Australian Shepherds can be great inside and outside dogs – One of the great things about this breed is they can make a great inside dog for a family looking to add a family member but can also do well outside for anyone looking for more of a herd dog. Do keep in mind, no matter why you choose this breed, they do love human companionship, so you should make a point of interacting with them on a daily basis and giving them plenty of attention and affection.

Australian Shepherds are high energy but can be controlled – Another thing a lot of people like about the breed is that the dogs have a lot of energy. Not only does this make Australian Shepherds a great working breed, but it also makes it a good breed for kids who want a pal to run around with them and play for hours a day. If you plan on keeping your Australian Shepherd inside as a family dog, make sure you give it daily walks or help it burn off energy in other ways. When you do this, it will be calmer and more content inside. This breed can also burn off energy in productive ways, such as through a good training session.

Australian Shepherds are very smart – Australian Shepherds are considered to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds. This makes them a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a dog, since it means they will be eager to learn and will learn things quickly. You do want to understand that having a very smart dog also means they like to be challenged, so work with them and teach them new things often to avoid having them get bored and turn to destructive behavior.

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