How To Travel With A Cat

2 June 2017
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog

Traveling with a cat can be a daunting task. Cats can be a little bit like a child when traveling. They can get sick in the car, need breaks often, and can get a little unruly on long trips. Taking a cat on a road trip isn't exactly ideal, although there are some times that it just isn't avoidable, such as when moving. If you are taking a trip, and your cat doesn't normally do well in the car, it is recommended that you board your cat with someone like Animal Care Center of Forest Park instead of taking your feline on a trip that he may take awhile to recover from. If you have to take your cat in the car, use the tips below to help make your cat feel more comfortable and make the journey a little easier on both of you:

Let Him Get Used To His Surroundings

Help prepare your cat ahead of time by allowing him to go inside the car and get used to his surroundings. If your cat goes into the car a couple of times prior to the trip, he won't feel too uncomfortable about the car and the trip. He will actually feel like the car is his own territory and won't feel as though it is unfamiliar territory.

Always Use A Carrier

A carrier is important to use when traveling with a cat. If your cat isn't in the carrier he can get into small spaces, jump all over your car, crawl down beneath the seats, or even get under your gas/brake pedals making it difficult for you to concentrate on the road. If your cat is loose in the car he can also jump out of the car window, or out of the car as soon as you open the door, which could lead to you losing your fuzzy buddy while out on the road. Always use the carrier. It's to help protect you and your cat while in the car. Place the carrier on the floor of the car and be sure to keep him cool in the summer, or warm in the winter. Bring along a favorite toy or blanket/sheet to help make your furry baby feel more comfortable and at home while inside the carrier. There are a number of different types of carriers on the market. Use one that is big enough for your pet, breathable and comfortable.

Make Several Bathroom Stops

Be sure to make stops often to let your cat relieve himself while out on the road. Use a leash for your cat when you take him out of the carrier, and allow him to stretch his legs and go to the bathroom. The leash will help prevent your cat from getting away from you, but still, keep a watchful eye on your cat just in case the leash/collar slips off of your cat.

Traveling with a cat can be difficult for both you and your cat. Board your cat if at all possible, but if not, make your cat as comfortable in the car as possible. Keep him warm/cool depending on the season, and in a safe place in the car.